Thank you for coming to our increasingly important fund raising page

TLAG are looking to raise funds to fight Tandridge District Council's flawed plans to build a Garden Village on our beautiful countryside. We intend to continue the fight against the unwanted TDC strategy for as long as we can but unfortunately the cost of expert consultants is not cheap. In the struggle against both the Council and the relevant Developers we foresee the only way to protect our Green Belt is to provide as best a robust and professional defence as we are able. Our aim is to not only question the legal compliance of the strategy, but also to demonstrate how unsound it is. We intend to establish this by having commissioned a Planning Consultant, a highways report, a Greenbelt and Landscape survey, as well as viability, ecology and flood risk assessments. We have also employed a QC to present our case to a Government Inspector at the Local Plan examination.

Should you wish to donate to our campaign then our bank details are as follows:

Tandridge Lane Action Group

Barclays Bank

Sort code - 208813

Account number - 53408221

Alternatively you can use the link below to go to our Justgiving crowdfunding page.

Whilst the Justgiving site will be convenient for some it should be noted that the overall costs for using the page amount to some 8%